Headaches & Migraines Treatment

Headaches, broadly defined as a continuous pain in the head, are one of the most common conditions to effect our brains with 1 in 20 adults experiencing a headache nearly every day. Whether it expresses itself as a classic ache, or effects other parts of your body, it’s a familiar pain that can happen to anyone at any time. 

Migraines, on the other hand, are different. They’re recurrent and typically affect one side of the head. They’re often accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision. Unlike the average headache, a migraine has the intensity to put a person out for one or several days. 

Although chiropractic treatment for headaches and migraines may not be your first instinct when considering options, Thrive Wellness Center can in Fayetteville help you find the cause of your symptoms and alleviate your pain.

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What does head pain mean?

Common Causes of Headaches & Migraines

Because the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) controls so many bodily functions and sensations, headaches can be caused by a wide variety of issues.

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Poor sleeping positions

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Headaches with menstrual cycles

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Food Allergy headaches (types of food or pesticide exposure)

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Tension, cluster, radiating, aura (light sensitivity) due to potential misalignment in the spine

What can a Chiropractor do?

 Alleviating Headaches & Migraines

Upper Cervical Adjustments

Adjustments made to the upper portion of the neck can help alleviate pain and tension caused by persistent headaches.

Supplements & Nutrition

Changes to your diet and nutrition can also reduce the frequency of headaches both in cases of food allergy and other types of headaches.

How can adjustments and lifestyle changes help?

Benefits of Chiropractic

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Reduce Pain

Adjustments and postural changes reduce pain and decrease the severity of headaches and migraines.

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Increase Function

Restore function, ability, and quality of life with adjustments that create alignment throughout the body.

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Decease Frequency

Reduce the frequency of headaches and migraines with changes that address stress and tension.

What To Expect During A Cervical Adjustment For Headaches Or Migraines

Before we recommend an upper cervical adjustment for headaches or migraines, our team will make sure that this treatment is right for you. One of our doctors will work with you to discuss your symptoms, evaluate your prior health history, and perform a chiropractic examination. We will also take postural measurements and full spine motion digital x-rays to gain further insights into your posture and your health.

If we recommend an upper cervical adjustment, your Fayetteville chiropractor will create a chiropractic plan based on your unique measurements and situation. Then, they will use gentle pressure to realign your upper cervical spine, and place your head and neck into a healthier position. This ensures the brain can properly communicate with the body, and helps relieve the discomfort, pain, and tension caused by constant headaches.

Upper cervical adjustments take just a few minutes, and will not cause any pain or discomfort. Depending on your adjustment plan, your adjustment may be delivered as you stand, sit, or lie down in one of our adjustment rooms.

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How Soon Can I Experience Pain Relief After Chiropractic Treatment?

It’s likely that you won’t notice a difference immediately after your chiropractic treatment. It takes time for the body to heal, and for the brain to re-establish the proper communication channels with the rest of your nervous system. 

You may even experience some slight soreness a few hours after your session in Fayetteville. This is normal. As you continue to see Dr. Ozanne or Dr. Gililland for chiropractic treatments, you will begin to feel more and more relief from your pain and discomfort. 

We also may recommend certain lifestyle changes and other steps you can take to help with your pain, such as sitting in a more ergonomic workspace or working on your posture. Following these recommendations will help improve your overall well-being, speed up your recovery, and reduce future migraines and headaches.

What Can I Do To Reduce Headaches And Migraines In The Future?

First, you should make sure you continue to come to Thrive Wellness Center for chiropractic adjustments. New patients may require multiple adjustments each week, though you may switch to a weekly or bi-weekly schedule as you continue to recover.

There are also some lifestyle changes you can make to help with your recovery. Sleeping on your back or side instead of your front can help, since this will help your cervical spine maintain proper alignment. You should also make sure your workspace ergonomics are good, and that you’re not straining your neck and shoulders while working.

We may also recommend some physical therapy exercises and workouts to help you improve your posture. Weak muscles or muscular imbalances are often a contributing factor for postural problems, which can lead to headaches and migraines, so exercise is an important part of your overall wellness program at Thrive Wellness Center in Fayetteville.